Thank you for staying at our home! We hope you enjoy your stay. Here is some tips, tricks and help to help you enjoy your stay.

  • Front door code: Provided in welcome email
  • The marina is only open in the Summer
  • If staying in the summer, there is no lifeguards, swim carefully at your own risk, and watch your children.
  • If staying in the winter, be very careful out on the lake ice, make sure it is safe. Going on the ice is at your own risk.
  • In the event of a Snow Storm please make an effort to move car for plow so you don't get blocked in by snow. 
  • The out swing french door in the back can be tricky. The right side door is the active door. Simple use the lock to unlock it, and then press down on the handle to open. Close to close, when wanting to re-latch and lock. Close the door and lift up on the handle this will engage the latches at the top and bottom of the door allowing the lock to lock. If you would like to use the other door on the left. You must have the door on  the right open. Then press down on the handle it will open. When wanting to close gently close the door, and lift up on the handle this will engage the latching system allowing you to close the other door as well. 
  • the houses WiFi
    • SSID= 427B
    • password= theredbarn
    • SSID= 427B
    • password= theredbarn
  • Marina WiFi (summer only)
    • SSID= AkwaOpen1
    • password= password
    • SSID= AkwaOpen2
    • Password= password
  • Marina Bathroom codes: 3010 (summer only)
  • Marina facility is for your use only, no guests, no parties
  • Marina facility is for your use only, no guests, no parties
  • Upon arrival the thermostats will be set to save energy so you will want to adjust them. There are thermostats on all the 3 floors. On the first floor its on the wall near bathroom door. On the second floor it is in the master bedroom. One the 3rd floor it is near the bathroom door. Please keep at ~70 degrees in summer and winter. 
  • Please be sure to properly use the shower curtains. The liner must be inside the shower/tub, or excess water can get on floor resulting in damage and leak to the level below.
  • Reminder no towels, linens, or pillows are provided.
  • Garbage day is Monday Morning, just roll trash to sidewalk, Sunday night.

Local Take out and delivery: (delivery address is 427 Lakeside Ave, Suite B, Laconia NH 03246)

The Akwa Marina Beach Bar is great in person but does take out as well so you can sit on the deck and enjoy. The Menu can be seen here:

Akwa Marina Beach Bar

For Pizza delivery Gilford House of Pizza is good:

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